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300 Boxing + Fitness is an elite boxing facility that is dedicated to both fitness and fighters, based in Victoria's South Eastern suburb of Cheltenham. 300 Boxing + Fitness is more than just your average gym. It's a health and fitness community.


Founded by Coach Nick Vidiniotis in 2018 and having spent over 15 years in both the Boxing and Fitness Industry, Coach Nick decided to create an environment to share his knowledge and inspire others to achieve their health and fitness goals in a space where everyone is welcome. 

Coach Nick has created a safe and friendly gym environment to cater for all levels of fitness, age and experience. From a total beginner to an elite athlete, there is a class for everyone.

At 300 Boxing + Fitness we are goal driven with the safety and happiness of our clients coming first. When people join 300 Boxing + Fitness they become more than just members, they become part of the family.

We understand that you can't go from zero to hero overnight, that's why we have created safe and progressive training programs that ensure your success in achieving your health and fitness goals.